Rare to Common Part 1

Rare to Common Part 1

(This was also on WKF’s blog)

So as we all know sometimes rare items are shared with everyone which of course, isn’t necessarily bad. Of course, however, it does peeve off multiple people when they shared or traded extensively to achieve such items. I myself am indifferent but I did get happy eyes in such a way as this.

So here are 10 “used to be rare” items

10. White robot mask

When I originally found this on I believe jaramillo14’s account, I was amazed. Of course, I instantly linked it to Game Show Island but it was to no avail. However, luckily, I soon discovered the ASG which belonged to Rileyhynson. The ASG is still active to this day and can be found on my blog.

9. El mustachio Grande Hat

I believe before zuzu1234x and the multiple keithsammut ASGs, this was actually quite a rare accessory, which was difficult to find if you hadn’t customized it before many characters had their customization status changed. There’s not much to say but it was one of the first ten items I ever achieved in my glitching journey, which quickly lead to bigger and greater things.

8. Shogun Helmet. Obviously, this was once a ridiculously rare item avoiding the clutches of even the most zealous glitchers, such as KeithSammut. However, I believe there was an outbreak and I believe you can read all about it on Nameless’ second blog. It was an impressive feat, given that the shogun helmet was probably completely unable to be customized ever regularly and was only even on a screen in a rare period of time when two of your friends on Red Dragon Island are led away.

7. Dark Costume/ Shrink Ray thief- The reason I grouped these two is because they, I BELIEVE, can be achieved quite similarly (Don’t quote me on this, it just makes the most sense) While many people still don’t know the original glitch used to acquire these once-rare clothes, it was on KeithSammut’s blog during Easter. Told you it helps to be updated. 😛 In addition, the introduction of the ASG raventhepowerranger rendered the top, hood and bottom very easily acquired, especially when it was added to the PHB and Perfect Coyote’s blog.

6. Angry Eyes- While I first confused these for the simple closed eyes ( once achievable by keithsammut1.5 or keithsammut17), they were quite rare and were only found on more elite glitchers, such as Herbie, Keithsammut, Grumpy Wolf and Mighty Thunder. Since then, I believe there have been many factors surrounding its outbreak. I am NOT pointing fingers but many people soon began to make ASGs that also happened to have angry eyes ( I myself am guilty of this) and I don’t find sharing it was a bad thing at all.


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