So I like rare items in poptropica although I also like the feeling of accomplishing a difficult island. I’m trying to get used to blogging and so far I’m embarrassing myself. ;(

I follow many blogs such as KeithSammut’s, the PHB, Cheat Dude’s blog and plenty more.

You can trade with me by emailing me or meeting me on tlk:io/ppn on the weekends



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, uh…. Do you think I could join your blog? I have plenty WordPress smarts and I think I could make your blog a whole lot better.
    For example: I could add categories to every one of your posts, which make everything easier to find. Also, the BLOGS I RECOMMEND section links to page navigation….
    I could do my things and get out 😉
    Also, I have grapic design skills if you would maybe like for me to make a header for your blog.

    You can reply to this comment, or email me at trustybiker031@gmail.com

    ALSO, you never actually responded to my email about the rare job thing for PIaO…

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