What I want in trades

As of now, here is what I want:

– Brown Wolf Costume ( Alpha and Omega Ad)

-Lightning knight’s helmet

-virus hunter costume’s head

-Medusa Surfer

-Steven Universe Hair

-Eiffel tower hat

– Handheld cannonball

– Green frootloops staff


-Most membership limited costumes- Leave a comment

Astro knight island shirt

Truffula tree hair

-Any bf5 costumes ( Have blue, red and green shirt)

-Crystal Crusader’s costume (Have hair and staff)

– Sir Cador (Just need cape)

– 3rd bday costumes (Have Hat)

Bamboo staff

Midnight Ninja Costume 

– Gravy backpack

Happy eyes

Angry Eyes 


I do also have a more private account  but I will answer any questions you have about my costumes


My public user is rekkles.

I will trade most things in closet for some of those.

There are many other wants but these are definite wants as of now.


26 thoughts on “What I want in trades

  1. hi im willing to trade my username is rory3266 although u probably have all the things i have but im looking for nessie hat


      1. i want to trade my user is yomon62 and i want wimpykid hair ringmaster raven nose cat mouth big nate T-shirt dark cape boxtroll bottom


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